Public Privacy

by Settled Arrows

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Dustyn Christofes
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Dustyn Christofes A beautiful album which swings, rocks, dances, and sighs wistfully while sharing intimate stories of desire and loss. Favorite track: rose lamp shade.
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PUBLIC PRIVACY is a trip through some guy's memories, desires, regrets and influences. The album was recorded on a laptop and a cell phone in the basement of Andrew's grandparents' house, a painting studio and on walks through Philadelphia while winter turned into summer in the year 2015.

images made with Michael E. Kelly (


released July 12, 2015

all songs written and arranged by Andrew Mars

produced by Andrew Mars with Michael Hollier
engineered and mixed by Michael Holler
additional mixing and mastering by Peter Richan at Buckeye Recording (

Andrew Mars: vocals, piano, field recordings, trumpet, keyboard, percussion, beats, sitar pro, bass synth, handclaps

Michael Hollier: beats, guitar (track 1), bass guitar (tracks 3 & 11), bass drum (track 8), floating synth (track 9), snaps

James Style: rhythm guitar (track 9)

strings on track 7 (arranged and recorded by Andrew Mars using a cell phone in a West Philly attic):
violin: Joseph Arnold, Dennis Hancock
cello: Yoomi Kwon, Jessica Marcus
double bass: Joshua Machiz



all rights reserved


Settled Arrows Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Settled Arrows (aka Andrew Mars) is a recording artist, vocalist, musician, composer and performer.

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Track Name: space cadet
When I float into space in a dream, it doesn't even hurt me at all when I crash land into starlight.
Cold and frozen to the bone
Like the night you drove me home.
Hail was pounding the windshield outside.
You said that we felt right.

And in dreams I am an asteroid;
A chunk of a Planet long destroyed;
Centuries through the cold darkness in a straight line.
And I read that thing you wrote in an email to my folks.
Printed and seen by Aunt Doreen in the springtime.

When I float into space, is it written all over my face?
You interrupt me and say:

"It's your Aquarius Rising.
You retreat to a place, the second any pain takes place.
It's why you're too aggressive in some ways.
It's where you get your ideals from.

Like I was saying:
My family's fine. They've stopped calling all the time,
and it seems like they might actually forgive me.
And the thing about being close with you is I never know what's true.

Anyhow, you know I love you,
And you're gonna be alright."
Track Name: rose lamp shade
He floats on a cloud above.
Just like he's the Queen of Cups.
You know 'cause he told you once
'bout the sex lives of astronauts.

He said, "Let's dance to your iTunes,"
then kissed you 'til it was 2.
Then he read a bunch of plays at you.
Your favorite one was: "Welcome to the moon."

You'll hear he lives on the Avenue where he bought that rose lampshade for you. You'll forget if the roses were blue.

Chorus: Ooh so baby, maybe come back next summertime.
Track Name: Roads that Haven't Been Finished Yet
You come home with your sorrow and your notes from the field. I say, "Someone died last night, but I'm still here." You have had the strangest kind of day so we decide right there to make our escape.

We drive over roads that haven't been finished yet. We knew our love would last though we'd just met. We'd head for the coast we'd learn to shed our regrets. The only thing that we knew was we're never coming back.

We found a motel. You weren't sleeping very well. The sun had moved closer to the earth and you could tell. I'd watch as you'd sleep like fire twisting the sheets. I knew you were the last real person I'd ever meet.

So we drove over roads that hadn't been finished yet. We knew our love would always feel like we'd just met. We'd head for the coast. We'd learn to shed our regrets. The only thing we knew was we're never coming back.

You come home with your sorrow and your notes from the field. I say, "Someone died tonight but I'm still here."
Track Name: white carpet/swimming pool light
Anne-Marie is sinking in a white carpet of night.
Serpent tongues are sipping from the corners of her mind.
Anne-Marie is slinking slowly from her husband's sight.
Anne-Marie is sinking in a white carpet of night.

Your kids were rolling around in the neighbor's upstairs room.
You read somewhere she comes across as cheerful as a tomb.
Anne-Marie is hissing anger at her close friends' wombs.
Reflecting the light of the swimming pool.

She used to be soft and uncomfortable.
She used to be mean but approachable.

Anne-Marie is sinking in a white carpet of night.
Slurping G&T's, complaining well into the night.
Anne-Marie is slinking slowly from her husband's sight.
Anne-Marie is blinking codes in the swimming pool light.

She used to be courted by millionaires.
She used to breathe smoke 'round their expensive chairs.
Track Name: Boys in the Backyard
I was doin' just fine on your strawberry wine.
We'll take them one at a time to the Astral plane.

Sunlight in summertime makes me want to swallow your pride, so get me through the night. Don't have to know your name.

Just another day with the boys in the backyard. Paying rent in this town is getting too hard and we're not really sure who to blame. So c'mon and forget my name.

"Has anybody seen Brett?"
On the other side of the deck, a pile of last years' cigarettes and some worms that were crawling.

And when we climbed up on the roof, it's like no one needed proof. We already know what's true: we will live forever.
They say it's sunny here all the time. But it's getting hard just to be kind, with adderall on our minds, nevermind the weather.
Track Name: L.O.V.E.
We don't know who Carles is, but you say it's Tao Lin.
It seemed that the days just led us to throw the towel in.
Ooh, we threw the towel in, Tao Lin.

And we don't know what love is, but I guess it's an acronym:
Little Organ Very Eager
Lots Of Violent Expressions
Lilting Ocean Vrooming Eastward
Lopsided Orgy Very Expensive

So don't say you love me, just touch me on the neck.
Don't say you hate me when I'm lying in your bed.
Take pictures of me, forget everything I said.
Make fun of me, kiss my cheek and go to bed.

Don't say you love me, I don't know what love is.
Track Name: Jimmie Desert
Jimmie's favorite night of the week is poetry on Tuesday nights.
His most recent love affair lasted briefly but without any fights.
His poems are based on fantasies about his next door neighbors' lives.
He says: "The more you think you've found clarity, the less you seem to get it right."

He adores that Cathy swore in the pieces that she shared last week.
He has a second home at the shore where he listens more than he speaks.
But now he's going on and on about how how to decode my little tragedies.
He says: "Karma's not a thing I endure," then he Googles different kinds of tea.

If my heart is a rising moon trapped under a world of clouds and thunder, his mind's like a vitamin, he'll say, "Just feel again. You can't ever lose, you can't ever win and only time will tell."

I'll stop over next Saturday night. He'll be synching his phone to his TV. He'll say, "You can't build trust without a little privacy." I"ll reply, "But when I'm dust I won't care how it felt in the sea." He'll be happy but he'll feign disgust and focus back on the tv.

Silent in the center (Ooh Jimmie), Desert, you do it right.
Track Name: jason on a bed of sundays
Jason on a bed of Sundays, now you know.

Baby you're made of night.
The beard has found its traveller.
A thousand ships of sight descend to kiss the questioner.

You're a moonbeam sensation.
You are your own destination.
There's turquoise light all around you.
Love is sure to find you.

Uncover rivers in your dreams and you'll know just what they mean,
So write it down next time.
The flowers surround you!
Track Name: I Remember a Holy Fire
By the time we got to Tuckahoe, we had nowhere else to go,
So you drove us to the swimming hole and that's when the drugs took hold.

I said:
"Let's pretend we're floating in starsnow."
"When you're dead, your hair just grows."
"If your ability to reason died, how would you even know?"

Cliff jumping on May 10th.
We decided not to be scared.
Naked and remembering days when we didn't care.
I still see the curve of your hand catching fireflies from the lake as you said:
"The pain we think we feel isn't real but it isn't fake."

I remember a holy fire burning around
your skull.
Track Name: hidden moon
You said we'd never make it through another June.
You said you couldn't take it.
Never thought you'd be gone so soon.
I said I never fake it, I just change like the moon.

I'm no longer foolish.
I'm built like a snake with a soft heart.
I sat all day and counted the waves,
had some false starts;
But I'll never welcome you again.

I guess we all make excuses for the weight of snow.
I guess you needed new kisses to get to know.

And of all the destinies you could choose to take,
You only chase the ones where love turns to hate.
You lick your wounds on a hidden moon.
I get it.

You said we'd never make it, hidden moon.